Knižní tip: The Inconspicuous God. Heidegger, French Phenomenology, and the Theological Turn

The Inconspicuous GodThe Inconspicuous God

Heidegger, French Phenomenology, and the Theological Turn
Jason W. Alvis
Publication date: 06/01/2018
ISBN: 978-0-253-03332-1

Dominique Janicaud once famously critiqued the work of French phenomenologists of the theological turn because their work was built on the seemingly corrupt basis of Heidegger’s notion of the inapparent or inconspicuous. In this powerful reconsideration and extension of Heidegger’s phenomenology of the inconspicuous, Jason W. Alvis deftly suggests that inconspicuousness characterizes something fully present and active, yet quickly overlooked. Alvis develops the idea of inconspicuousness through creative appraisals of key concepts of the thinkers of the French theological turn and then employs it to describe the paradoxes of religious experience.

Jason W. Alvis teaches Philosophy at the University of Vienna, and is a Research Fellow with the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). He is author of Marion and Derrida on the Gift and Desire: Debating the Generosity of Things, and he currently serves as the European Editor of The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory.

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