Knižní tip: Breached Horizons. The Philosophy of Jean-Luc Marion

Breached Horizons

The Philosophy of Jean-Luc Marion

Edited by Rachel Bath, Antonio Calcagno, Kathryn Lawson, and Steve G. Lofts

This volume is a guide to the legacy of the philosophical work of Jean-Luc Marion. A leading phenomenologist and philosopher of religion, Marion’s work addresses questions on the nature and knowledge of God, love, consciousness, art, psychology, and spirituality. Here, leading Marion scholars explain the development of his key concepts, while critically mining the philosopher’s ideas for relevant implications and applications to contemporary issues in various fields of study, including philosophy, theology, art, psychology and literature.

The first volume to cover Marion’s wider corpus, this book opens with an original essay by Marion himself, and goes on to present a comprehensive view of Marion’s ideas. Though largely anchored in philosophy, the essays are interdisciplinary and explore the various questions central to Marion’s work, including the visibility and invisibility of God, the constitutive force of the horizon of consciousness, the gift and givenness, eroticism and love, art and painting, psychology, literature, memory, iconography, and spirituality.

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